Technical Expertise

Machine Learning: Natural Language Processing, Neural-net based models, Tree-based models, GA models, Reinforcement Learning models

Java Development: OOP, Design Patterns, Testing (Junit, EclEmma Code Coverage, TestNG), Multi-threading, Collections

Server-side: Spring MVC, Java Servlets, Hibernate (with MySQL, NoSQL Databases)

Client-side: HTML5, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript, JQuery

Other: C++, C, Fortran, Artificial Intelligence (Java + Python)

Relevant Work Experience

2017Research Assistant | Stack-B, Trinity College Dublin (in collaboration with Google), Ireland

With my experience in low-level programming, I had to collaborate as a Research Assistant to develop ways to dynamically recalibrate soundbars to a listener’s position in the room. I implemented my designs for spatial recognition using RGBD sensors and capturing and decoding IR hex codes to develop simulated IR remote software for recalibrating the soundbars. The project helped me to expand my technical skills in VR, Infrared and Bluetooth programming while working with likeminded people on a project at the forefront of innovation.
2017Lab Demonstrator | Maynooth University, Ireland

During my studies at Maynooth University, my university had a shortage of lab demonstrators for a few courses. In a team, I acquired the role of a demonstrator for Web Engineering and Media Studies courses and provided support for students with completing their tasks involving HTML, JavaScript, NodeJS etc. and tools such as Mac versions of Adobe Photoshop and Audacity. With this, the lab sessions were more effective.
2015-2016Computer Vision Researcher | Augary, United States of America

Further engaging my experience in ambitious projects, I extended my internship at DFKI to collaborate with Augary, a U.S. based company specializing with Computer Vision.  I worked in a small team of researchers to develop a robust lane detection and tracking system which used vision as the only sensing modality and was optimized to run on mobile-devices in real-time. It gave an average accuracy of 96.87 % with standardized datasets. With its demonstrated accuracy even in night and rain, a research paper based on the above project has been accepted in DICTA Conference in Sydney (Australia) anda patent has been filed in the United States listing me as one of the inventors (August 2017).
2015Researcher | Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz, DFKI, Germany

I interned as a researcher with DFKI German Lab to investigate the ways of analyzing under-water video footage with stereo-vision based approaches while also filtering noise caused by marine snow. As a result, I gained my first experience with practical Software Engineering, OpenCV and received commendation for my work.



University of St. Andrews, United Kingdom and Maynooth University, Ireland
MSc in Dependable Software Systems (DESEM) (Expected Distinction)  
Key Project: Research into 3D Room Change Detection with Turtlebot robot. I was asked to detect room-changes by manually/autonomously letting the robot scan the room environment as a series of 2D slices or 3D mesh models using a RGBD sensor. This was also done by extending the use of Kintinuous (a real-time dense visual SLAM system, developed as a joint project between Maynooth University, Ireland and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A). This proved to be robust and effective in tests against a reasonably complex environment with 83 % accuracy with occupancy-matrices based approach and full accuracy with 3D mesh models using Kintinuous.
2012-2016School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (SEECS) at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at NUST SEECS (3.59/4.00)  
Key Project: I wrote a software to recover/shred deleted files from an ext3/ext4 file system by exhaustively manipulating low-level block data. This was a difficult project as it involved low-level file system programming but was thoroughly tested to be fully effective and resulted in me getting further recommended for an internship.

2008-2010Beaconhouse Educational Complex, Pakistan   A’Levels: Physics (A), Chemistry (B), Mathematics (B) O’Levels: Science Subjects (5As 3A*s) –  Received Gold Medal


  • Maintained CGPA of 3.59/4.00 at SEECS, NUST (Computer Science)
  • Gold Medalist for ‘Straight As’ in O’Levels
  • Received Merit-based scholarship during O’Levels and A’Levels
  • Received Merit-based scholarship in 6 out of 8 semesters at SEECS, NUST
  • FYP Project “Computer Vision for Driving Safety Analysis” received Gold Medal Certificate
  • Awarded Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarship for DESEM Programme (Year 1 in Ireland – Year 2 in Scotland) – 49,000 EUR


2012-2016Lead the Graphics Team of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Youth Entrepreneurship Society (YES) and SEECS Literary Society
2013-2015Actively volunteered as Lead Graphics Designer in TwinCon (an Anime convention)
2014Active organizer of SEECS Welcome Party (Graphics + Script)

Extra-Curricular Activities & Community Service

  • Traditional/Digital Artist and Graphics Designer with online presence (deviantArt, Facebook, Behance)
  • Self-learnt Adobe Photoshop CS5 Ext, GIMP and PaintToolSAI (for Digital Painting)
  • Actively contributed to open-source projects on GitHub
  • Visited Agosh Al Khidmat Orphanage to help the orphans in their learning and routine activities


  • Video-games (i.e. Latest AAA video-games)
  • Outdoor sports as Football and Volleyball 
  • Hobbyist digital artist


Dr. Francis Morgan Boland

Adjunct Professor, Electronic & Elect. Engineering
Trinity College Dublin,
Republic of Ireland
Dr. John Thomson

Director of Postgraduate Teaching, Computer Science,
University of St. Andrews,
United Kingdom